Fixing a Google penalty.

A Google penalty is the negative impact when positioning the site because the Google’s search algorithms have been updated. Penalties can result from algorithm updates or suspicious black hat SEO tactics, like keyword stuffing or suspicious links. If the website experiences the sudden drop in traffic, this can be because you have received a Google penalty. Here is how to fix your Google penalty.

Unnatural links to your website are one of the Google penalties. However, if you need to fix it, you need to do so since it is possible catch them from SC. If you need the complete list, you will need to use SEO services tools like Majestic and Ahrefs. When trying to fix manually, the complete list is essential. After receiving this list of links, then you can export it for use in the link checker tool, like Link Detox or Linkquidator.

Duplicate or thin content is the Google penalty which need to be fixed. The best way that can be used to deal with it is to review the content and remove the duplicate content from your site. After removing duplicate content, you can create more meaningful content and add value to the site with help of SEO services london. You do not need to remove all thin content; some can be easily edited by you or the professional content provider.

To fix Spam, you need to move the domain. The paid domains are actually the best option, though not everybody can manage to pay for the website maintenance. If this is not possible, try to find the free host that does not permit spam on the server, as this can affect the search results of the website in a long run.

When it comes to panda penalties, it can be fixed the same way thin/double penalty is fixed. You should audit the website to see where fixes can be done. In some cases, content removal can be optional. However, do not get attached to thin or weak content.

If you’re unsure how to fix a Google penalty, we recommend hiring a professional SEO Company London to fix your website issues.

How to fix a Google penalty